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Juntuh is a comprehensive tracking solution which provides real time monitoring designed to put an end to all your worries.

For Personal Use!

India's most trusted and efficient personal GPS Tracker.

For Vehicles

India's most trusted and efficient vehicle GPS Tracker.

instant, accurate & real-time locations.

Specially designed for Women, Girls kids and vehicles!

Features Keeping an Eagle Eye

  • Giving you 24X7 perfect GPS tracking
  • Real-Time Location – Vehicle location being recorded every 30 seconds thus giving you power to track in real time
  • SOS Notifications – SMS and on app alerts for any unauthorized events
  • Raise Alerts – You can send warnings/alerts in case of a mishap to other Juntuh users based on Geo location to get additional help
  • Trip Reports - With detailed reports you will never miss a moment of previous history
  • Geo Fencing - Set the location of your entire workforce, fleet or just a single vehicle via easy-to- use Geo feature Increasing Safety For Your Kids and Family

Single Screen Fleet Management

  • Turn Vehicle Off – Turn off your vehicle remotely via cutting off oil supply in case of an emergency
  • Blogs – You can share your ideas/information and get answers from other Juntuh users
  • Single Screen Fleet Management – We provide you information of your entire fleet on a single screen along with the status summary and vehicle group management for all your vehicles
  • User Friendly GUI and Dashboard - Our mobile application is designed to be easy to use and easy to access with a user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Advance Notifications and Management– Easy to manage with customized notifications from 32 types in mobile app as well as dashboard

Increases Safety of your Kids

  • Juntuh Increases Safety - Your loved ones, valuable moving assets, drivers and goods in transit are safer than ever before
  • Create Trips - Create and assign pre-trips to drivers and keep a check on them
  • Navigation for Drivers - One of the coolest feature of our application is in-built live navigator in mobile application for drivers
  • Customer Support - We offer live support and in any emergency, we are just a call away

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Top 5 reasons why you should buy Juntuh

  • Our accurate real time tracking @ 10 sec frequency with 99.99% uptime. Juntuh is a premier product trusted and recommended by top businesses
  • Our state of the art mobile/dashboard combination gives you unlimited reporting and playback features. It is just like watching your favourite movie from your remote with forward and/or rewind buttons.
  • No gimmicks. No hidden costs. We have one flat fee plan which enables you to use all premier features at no additional cost. We give you all future updates and upgrades for free
  • Dedicated customer service 24X7. We take pride in speaking with our customers and would love to speak to you. Please call us any time
  • We are absolutely certain about our product and provide 30 - day money back guarantee without any questions


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